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AAS  May 2019 featured artists

During the summer months, starting in May, the Franklin Square Gallery in Southport highlights featured artists in both the painting (2D) and pottery (3D) categories. These artists have their work showcased at the gallery for an entire month.  For the month of May, Ami Brown will be the featured 2D artist and Charleea Barrett will be the featured 3D artist.

These artists have their work showcased at the gallery for an entire month. The public is invited to meet them and to view their works, as well as artwork by other members of the gallery, at the First Friday Gallery Walk reception on May 3 from 5 to 7 p.m. Visitors can enjoy light refreshments while strolling through the gallery.

Ami Brown
Ami Brown

Ami Brown, a Southport resident, works in acrylic and mixed media, with abstract impressionism as her primary subject matter. Ami enjoys using many styles, using unique textures and materials. She says that mixing and blending colors inspires her, adding, “I like letting go of all inhibitions, letting the painting take shape and have a life of its own.” She also says, “I never know where I may end up, but I’m always delighted to find out.”  Nature, the coastal colors, water and movement influence her work. 

As a child, Ami started drawing animals and nature scenes. As she got older, she started sketching portraits, and then started using oil paints. 

For ten years, Ami lived in New Zealand, and had her own gallery in Wellington. She subsequently moved back to the United States, where she paints and writes full time, satisfying a long-held dream of hers. 

Charleea Barrett
Charleea Barrett

Charleea Barrett, an artist who works in clay, is also a Southport resident. She, too, has enjoyed art since she was a child, but college and real life did not include art. Now that she is retired, she says, “Finding life as a potter has been a gift.”

She says that her work is very eclectic. As she puts it: “Much like a patchwork quilt, reflecting the ever-changing parts of our lives.”  She feels that we are nourished by where we live, and that “pottery is woven through our daily lives where it decorates our living space with character.” She adds that her pottery is functional and uses natural seaside elements with a whimsical flair. 

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    The Franklin Square Gallery is located in the historic district of downtown Southport behind Franklin Square Park and is open Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm


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