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The Associated Artists of Southport Presents the

2023 Summer Regional Art Show

June 26 – July 23, 2023 

A Juried Exhibition


The annual Summer Regional Art Show will open on June 26 and continue until July 23 at Franklin Square Gallery. The deadline for registration and payment of entry fees is June 12, 2023. The application form will be submitted online, and entry fees ($36 for members, $46 for non-members) must be paid by PayPal or with a credit card. After all entries are received, the 2D and 3D judges will evaluate and select (jury) those pieces of work to be included in the show. Some will not be selected. Then, the judges will choose the award winners from those selected to be in the show. After the judging on June 25th, entrants can consult to learn if their work was accepted by the judges to be included in the show. Artists are asked to pick up the work not accepted during the week the show opens.


Please read the prospectus information and instructions carefully. If you have any questions, contact Kim Kirk at 910.264.8580 or

You can review the prospectus here. 

Ginna Zell 2-day Workshop

The Ceramic Surface, Carving, and Color.

June 24 & 25, 2023, 10 am – 3 pm


See some of Ginna's work above.  Students will learn from her to create unique and dynamic ceramic surfaces utilizing various techniques on either hand-built or wheel-thrown ceramic forms. First, all techniques will be demonstrated, and then students will try the techniques on forms they bring to class.  This will be a super fun, interactive class.


Ginna began exploring ceramics with the creative artists of the 1970s California scene.  Her ceramics degrees gave her in-depth knowledge of glaze chemistry and strengthened her ability to formulate distinct glazes and troubleshoot issues. She does traditional kiln firing techniques (wood, gas, electric) and alternative techniques such as raku, pit, saggar, and barrel firing, not to mention all types of clay, clay making, and digging in nature.  Her passion is carving and surface decoration, which we will explore in this workshop.


Class is limited to the first 15.


Intermediate pottery experience is needed. This workshop is for students with previous experience in either hand-building clay forms or throwing on the wheel and looking for ways to enhance the surface of their completed pieces.


***Each morning, yummy homemade bread, jams, cheeses, fruit, coffee & tea are provided!

  • Learn to carve into leather-hard clay with various tools, using subtractive and additive techniques to create a 3-D design on the surface.
  • Learn methods first to lay out the design that best enhances the form and the textures you use.
  • Understand how the power of lines, shapes, and repetition can create dynamic and unique surfaces.
  • Investigate various tools, found objects, and other resources that will result in a ceramic surface unique to your work.
  • We will be using ceramic underglazes and slips to enhance forms and texture.


Supply List for Workshop


  • Six (6) leather hard slabs, approximately 8” x 8 “(inches).  Leather hard is like hard cheese.  These will be used for practicing techniques.
  • Bring some slip in a container that is your clay body.
  • 1 to 2 pounds of your clay.
  • Three to Four (3-4) Leather-hard Finished pieces with a smooth surface.  These can be in any form you prefer, including cups, vases, bowls, platters, etc.....…. These will be used for carving and decorating with slips etc.
  • Small sponges in a couple of different sizes
  • Chamois
  • A small container for water.
  • Carving tools. These do not have to be professional tools.  They can be many different things. They are often metal but can also be plastic tools, as one might get from a child’s play kit or a Sculpeytm kit. Bring curved and angled tools of different sizes to experiment with if you can.
  • A needle tool and X-Acto knife.
  • Any underglazes that you would like to experiment with.  Ginna will bring some colored slips for experimentation as well.


Members $160.00 Non-Members $200.00 – Click this link to REGISTER for the Ginna Zell 3D workshop


Questions? Contact Cheryl Rogers Text or Call 925-286-8475 OR email


Location: Franklin Square Gallery, upstairs studio, 130 E. West St. Southport, NC 28461


Rena Powell 3-day Workshop

Painting the Sea and Sky

June 26-27-28


Rena grew up in view of the water on Wrightsville Sound. Aesthetic colors of sunlit marsh grasses and warm water run through all her art. After graduating from UNCW, she ran a marine canvas business for many years but also continued her desire to create art. When time allowed, she painted on left over boat canvas. Finally, she began her art career in earnest when she took a Plein air workshop with John Poon. She continued to study art and soon began winning awards in shows.


  •  Join us for a fresh eye towards design, color, and a sense of movement in the warm skies and atmospheric clouds. We will see the world more abstractly and with a sense of expressiveness.
  • With examples, we will understand how the power of lines, shapes and repetition can create dynamic and unique compositions.
  • Working from photos in the studio, demonstrations and plenty of individual attention, students will walk away with a refreshed sense of painting the specific complexities of painting the sea and sky.
  • This class is open to all levels and will focus on painting with oils.



Class is limited to 18 students.




Materials list:


  • Silver Bristlon - bristle brush with a nice clean edge and sturdy stiff bristles that hold paint well
  • Rosemary - another favorite - expensive, soft and supple


  •       # 4 flat or bright
  •       # 6 flat or bright
  •       # 8 flat or bright
  •       # 10 flat or bright
  •       # 12 flat or bright
  •       # 2,3,4 Rigger or Liner for small lines and details
  •        # 4, 5, or 6  Round


Oil Paints:

  • Radiant White - Gamblin -  This is my preferred white but I will occasionally use titanium white and you are welcome to bring whatever white you like
  • Indian Yellow - Gamblin - This is my favorite version of Indian Yellow other brands are not as luminous and transparent
  • Cadmium yellow light
  • Cadmium red
  • Quinacridone Rose
  • Alizarin red
  • Kings blue - Gamblin or Vasari make a good one  (optional)
  • Radiant blue - Gamblin  (optional)
  • Video Blue Pale - Vasari  (optional)
  • Rousseau Green - Vasari  (optional)
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Phtalo Blue
  • Transparent Oxide Red - Gamblin


Palette:  I like to mix paint on a piece of glass in order to clean it with a flat razor scraper between color mixing. I keep it in a Mastersons Stay-Wet palette holder in the fridge to keep my paints from drying out.  Disposable paper palettes will work as well.

Palette Knife:  I use several different straight edge types not only for mixing paint but to make sharp clear lines on the painting

Flat Razor Scraper:  Essential to clean a glass palette. If you use another type palette you will not need one

Turpentine jar/ brush washer: in a leakproof container for cleaning brushes

Gamsol odorless mineral spirits:- less odor than other mineral spirits


3 or 4 Canvas or Gesso Panels (8x10 or 9x12) :

I prefer to paint on a panel rather than a stretched canvas which feels too springy and flexible for me. I use ready made canvas panels and I also make gessoed panels cut from MDF or Birch board.

I like Raymar and Wind River Arts but there are many good brands of painting panels out there.

  •  Raymar - They have many selections of linen panels. I use C15SP or  C15DP
  • Wind River Arts -
  •  Pintura Panels from Jerry’s Artarama  are a good inexpensive option - I recommend having these around for small studies and daily sketches

Nitrile /latex gloves

Easel:  a believe that there are easel available to us in the room, but if you have one that you prefer to use feel free to bring it

Paper Towels

Reference photo: I will supply a reference photo if you would like to paint along with me on what I do. If you would prefer to use your own photo and apply what we learn you are welcome to do that as well. I would ask that you bring a photo with clear light and shadow, a strong sunlit area, clear skies, and reflections in the water.




Members $210.00 Non-Members $260.00 – Click this link to REGISTER for the Rena Powell 2D workshop


Questions? Contact Nancy Schulte    910-540-9177


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